Exercise 4.69

Read Exercise 4.69 ~ Solution

First, a relationship ends-in-grandson when it is grandson or it’s a list starting with a something ?greats followed by something that ends-in-grandson

 ; base case
   (rule (ends-in-grandson (grandson)))))
 ; other cases
   (rule (ends-in-grandson (?greats . ?rel))
         (ends-in-grandson ?rel))))

Note this doesn’t enforce that the relationship starts with great just that it starts with something
Some obvious tests:

(run-query '(ends-in-grandson (great great great son)))
; ==> '()
(run-query '(ends-in-grandson (great great great grandson)))
; ==> '((ends-in-grandson (great great great grandson)))

Next enforcing that a relationship starting with great ends in grandson

; great ... grandson x y
 ; x must be someone's son
 ; there must be a chain of relationships linking y and with x
   (rule ((great . ?rel) ?x ?y)
         (and (ends-in-grandson ?rel)
              (son ?x ?other)
              (?rel ?other ?y)))))

; Irad is Adam's grandson
   ((great grandson) Adam Irad)))

Finally the queries from the book and a couple of others

(run-query '((great grandson) ?g ?ggs))
; ==> '(((great grandson) Adam Irad))
(run-query '(?rel Adam Irad))
; ==> '(((great grandson) Adam Irad))

(run-query '(?rel Adam ?y))
; ==> '(((great grandson) Adam Irad)
;       (son Adam Cain))

(run-query '(?rel ?x Irad))
; ==> '(((great grandson) Adam Irad)
;       (son Enoch Irad))

Note: to avoid infinite loops we need to use the query evaluator that has the loop detector.


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